ASERCOM uses its expertise to reconcile the industrial and technological possibilities and realities with the political objectives within the EU.

  • For more safety

    ASERCOM elaborates safety standards for a secure handling of HVAC/R products.

  • For more energy efficiency

    ASERCOM deals with scientific and technical topics and their challenges within the HVAC/R industry by supporting energy efficiency improvement.

  • For more environmental protection

    ASERCOM issues guidelines and recommendations for better protection of the environment.

  • For more harmonisation and comparability

    ASERCOM aims for global harmonisation of component standards and regulations within the HVAC/R industry.

  • For the people and the industry

    ASERCOM serves the refrigeration and air conditioning industry and its customers.

  • For more progress

    ASERCOM certifications help to achieve the climate targets of the Kyoto Protocol and allow objective component selection.

  • 29 June 2017

    19 June 2017

    A J & E Hall Fusion Commercial Condensing Unit is a key component in a new cooling system at a flourishing Italian ice cream manufacturing business. Gelato.Cool Ltd of Lincoln chose …

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  • Cool-Shot by Errecom: A new life to the air conditioning and refrigeration system

    19 June 2017

    The Problem

    Errecom has designed a product to fight and solve the problem of oil fouling within air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

    Oil fouling causes many of the problems linked to the air conditioning …

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  • 29 June 2017

    19 June 2017

    Energy solutions and smart buildings specialist Carlo Gavazzi is to sponsor the new Building Services … programme exploring energy management; intelligent buildings; cyber security; healthy buildings, HVAC, legislation and more.

    Carlo Gavazzi has one of the largest energy management and smart building …

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  • Kawneer systems help to distil a sense of transparency at Dalmunach

    15 June 2017

    Architectural aluminium glazing systems by leading UK manufacturer Kawneer have enabled an award- … resolving functional issues such as head room for the malt silos and enhancing the building’s passive ventilation system.


    The massing opens up to form a welcoming main entrance area flanked by a drum containing … ”


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  • ASERCOM participates in Centro Studi Galileo’s 17th European Conference

    ASERCOM joined the 17th European Conference held by Centro Studi Galileo at the Politecnico of Milan on June 9th and 10th. Certificates were handed out to, among others, ASERCOM's president Claude Blanc.


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  • ASERCOM Marathon Meeting Week May 2017

    From May 29th to 31st, ASERCOM’s delegates came together in Brussels for their newest marathon meeting.


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  • VDKF holds General Meeting at Timmendorfer Strand

    This year’s General Meeting of ASERCOM’s German partner association was held at Timmendorfer Strand. Click below for a German summary of the event.


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  • Italian refrigeration manufacturers to help increase contractors' qualifications by pushing for EN13313

    Assofrigoristi, the Italian contractor association and ASERCOM associated member, held its General Assembly on May 13 in Milan. 

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