ASERCOM uses its expertise to reconcile the industrial and technological possibilities and realities with the political objectives within the EU.

  • For more safety

    ASERCOM elaborates safety standards for a secure handling of HVAC/R products.

  • For more energy efficiency

    ASERCOM deals with scientific and technical topics and their challenges within the HVAC/R industry by supporting energy efficiency improvement.

  • For more environmental protection

    ASERCOM issues guidelines and recommendations for better protection of the environment.

  • For more harmonisation and comparability

    ASERCOM aims for global harmonisation of component standards and regulations within the HVAC/R industry.

  • For the people and the industry

    ASERCOM serves the refrigeration and air conditioning industry and its customers.

  • For more progress

    ASERCOM certifications help to achieve the climate targets of the Kyoto Protocol and allow objective component selection.

Both Leaflets available here
Have a look at the 6800 Condensing Units in the Product List
Safety Standards and Components for flammable refrigerants
  • Online F-Gas reporting service targets black market crackdown

    23 March 2019

    New encrypted service has been launched to address growing concerns about illegal trade of gas so that … service operators hope to provide information to local authorities to help support the enforcement of F-Gas regulations that have introduced a phase down of higher GWP refrigerant.

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  • Bitzer adds bus air conditioning courses

    23 March 2019

    Bitzer’s Schaufler Academy is the venue for the new courses

    GERMANY: Compressor manufacturer Bitzer has introduced training for bus air conditioning using its Roadstar compressors.

    The course to be held at Bitzer’s Schaufler Academy, the company’ …

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  • BEIS sets out thinking on revised approach to UK gas heating

    23 March 2019

    Hydrogen and biomethane are both being considered by BEIS as part of wider work to define a clear … However, recent statements from government that have questioned if gas heating in its current form can ever have a role in new buildings have led to questions about whether such … ”

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  • Safe use of naturals is IRI conference topic

    22 March 2019

    IRELAND: The safe use of natural refrigerants is the topic of a one-day conference being organised by … interest in the use of “natural” refrigerants for industrial and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning. 

    The three natural refrigerant types – CO2, ammonia and the hydrocarbons – can offer significant …

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  • China Refrigeration Expo, Shanghai, 9th – 11th April 2019




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  • Guideline for the promotion of Refrigeration and air conditioning systems ...

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  • General Assembly 2019

    Find all the presentations of this year’s General Assembly for download here:

    Assofrigoristi  Marco Masini gives an insight on the Italian National Asscoiation Assorfrigoristi.

    Certification 2018 – Julian Pfaffl gave an overview on the certification activities.

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  • AFF Journée Fluide 13th December 2018

    AFF Journée Fluide 13th December 2018

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