ASERCOM uses its expertise to reconcile the industrial and technological possibilities and realities with the political objectives within the EU.

  • For more safety

    ASERCOM elaborates safety standards for a secure handling of HVAC/R products.

  • For more energy efficiency

    ASERCOM deals with scientific and technical topics and their challenges within the HVAC/R industry by supporting energy efficiency improvement.

  • For more environmental protection

    ASERCOM issues guidelines and recommendations for better protection of the environment.

  • For more harmonisation and comparability

    ASERCOM aims for global harmonisation of component standards and regulations within the HVAC/R industry.

  • For the people and the industry

    ASERCOM serves the refrigeration and air conditioning industry and its customers.

  • For more progress

    ASERCOM certifications help to achieve the climate targets of the Kyoto Protocol and allow objective component selection.

Have a look at the 6800 Condensing Units in the Product List
Safety Standards and Components for flammable refrigerants
  • Europe seeks talks with China on illegal F-gas trade

    16 July 2019

    EUROPE: The European Commission says it is to seek discussions with other non-EU countries, including … illegal imports of HFCs into the EU and is taking measures to ensure the correct implementation of the F-gas regulation. 

    “The commission will also discuss with international partners, including China, on … ” Following developments

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  • BESA unveils ventilation hygiene fire safety programme

    16 July 2019

    The organisation’s accredited certification body will manage a new competency programme and database seeking to audit the work of ventilation specialists amidst fears of a ‘cowboy’ element

    Industry body BESA is seeking to play up the … The organisation’s accredited certification body BESCA has launched a ‘Ventilation Hygiene Elite’ (VHE) programme to address what it says has been growing demand for more robust …

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  • CIAT cools next gen battery power stations

    15 July 2019

    The power storage plants are part of strategic plans to improve the resilience and security of the …  

    Effective cooling of the batteries is critical during charging and discharging to maintain efficiency, optimum operation …  The facilities will each include 12 CIAT Vectios reversible heat pump packaged air conditioning units, model IPJ-0090, with a combined cooling capacity of 340kW.

    The compact CIAT air-to-air …

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  • Global Pipe Bundle Dryers Market Expected to Witness a Sustainable Growth over 2025

    15 July 2019

    Market Research Report Store offers a latest published report on Pipe Bundle Dryers  Market Analysis … Fanqun Drying Equipment       


    Market Segment by Type, covers

    Heating Area 500 ㎡ Beolow

    Heating Area 500 ㎡ to 1000 ㎡

    Heating Area 1000 ㎡ Above


    Market Segment …

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  • CAUTION when replacing one refrigerant with another

    The temptation is huge to play the role of an apprentice chemist in these times when the availability of refrigerants becomes an issue.

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  • Coolektiv – Shaping change together. The expert committee

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  • ASERCOM General Assembly 2020, 23rd and 24th January 2020, Brussels

    The next General Assembly will take place on

    Thursday, 23rd January and Friday, 24th January 2020


    NH Hotel Berlaymont

    Boulevard Charlemagne 11 – 19

    1000 Brussels

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