26th June - World Refrigeration Day

26th June - World Refrigeration Day

I take this as an opportunity to draw attention to the work of ASERCOM.

ASERCOM, the Association of European Refrigeration Component Manufacturers, is the platform for dealing with scientific and technical topics and their challenges. Our aim is to promote standards for performance rating, methods of testing and product safety. We focus on improved environmental protection, supporting the HVAC & R industry and its customers.

What exactly are we doing

One of the strengths of ASERCOM is the cross-company cooperation of the member companies’ delegates and the resultant knowledge transfer. In five different areas of activities ASERCOM is dealing with the following key topics: certifications, standards, technologies, policies and regulations, and communications.

Our members develop solutions and products for the market to enable a switch to alternative, more climate-friendly refrigerants. Since today many HVAC & R components are equipped with connectivity functions and features, our experts have developed an appropriate security policy. The ASERCOM cyber-security guideline gives recommendations how to connect HVAC & R components securely to smartphones, other computers or the internet. The structure of this guideline follows the life-cycle of an HVAC & R installation. It starts with planning and setting up of the architecture, continues with installation of the system, maintenance of the system during lifetime and the guideline ends finally with IT – security recommendations for decommissioning of the installation.

The industry must not stand still. In order to master the challenge of digitization, we must tread unconventional paths and solve our thinking process from the past. We have to face up to the challenges and identify development opportunities: Products and production chains must be rethought and factories must become more intelligent. At ASERCOM we have the unique and convenient situation of being able to bundle and focus information from many high-quality sources. Thanks to our market-leading members and cooperation with other industrial and trade associations, unique synergy effects are created. Nevertheless, as an association we retain a neutral and strong voice. With our working groups, we can react flexibly to the demands of the market and, as required, establish new expert councils, dissolve them and deploy them in new positions.

ASERCOM is ready for the time for changes

Wolfgang Zaremski

ASERCOM President