ASERCOM Convention 2021

17 November 2020

The ASERCOM Convention will take place on 29th January 2021.


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Successful Premiere: ASERCOM-EPEE Symposium became digital

04 November 2020

More than 330 participants, two exclusive presentations about EU regulations, and three campfire sessions where speakers and participants got the chance to discuss – the first ASERCOM-EPEE eSymposium was packed with information and online discussions.

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Illegal trade of refrigerants Leaflet

22 September 2020

Adapted illegal trade of refrigerants leaflet to reflect situation in Turkey: Turkey’s Montreal Protocol team produced, in cooperation with UNIDO, an adaptation of our leaflet on illegal trade of refrigerants “Protect your business – buy refrigerants from safe sources”.

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15 May 2020


Neue Erkenntnisse zu Umluft-Klimageräten und Covid-19 …

Chinesische Studie warnt!


New findings on recirculating air conditioners and Covid-19 ...

Chinese study warns!



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Joint industry press release

01 April 2020

Call on EU governments to define heating and cooling services and manufacturing sites as critical during the ongoing health crisis

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Leaflets available

13 February 2018

ASERCOM has joined forces with AREA, EPEE and EFCTC and has published a striking leaflet to dissuade contractors from installing high GWP refrigerants.

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10 December 2014

A part of ASERCOM’s activities on the European political level is to ensure that new legislation and directives take into account the expertise of the companies affected by them.

ASERCOM considers itself as an authority on the market, reconciling the industrial and technological possibilities and realities with the political interests and objectives prevailing within the EU.

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