AHRI and ASERCOM Meet at AHR Expo

At the 2017 AHR Expo in Las Vegas, AHRI and the Association of European Refrigeration Component Manufacturers ASERCOM met to finalize a joint white paper about "Tolerances and Uncertainties in Performance Data of Refrigerant Compressors," and to continue efforts to globally harmonize compressor standards.

Future joint work will focus on modulating compressor standards, refrigerants with glide, and standardization of refrigerant properties.

AHRI and ASERCOM enjoy a long history of cooperation, and will continue this effort in 2017 as existing standards are updated and new standards are developed.

Their next meeting will be held in April 2017 at the China Refrigeration Expo in Shanghai.

The evening prior to the show, ASERCOM also took part in AHRI’s traditional partner’s reception.


ASERCOM and AHRI meet at AHR Expo


From left to right: Henry Hwong, AHRI Senior VP, Claude Blanc, President of ASERCOM, Steven Yurek,  President of AHRI