ASERCOM and AHRI published joint white paper

Tolerances for product performance data in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry are becoming ever tighter. One of the factors in determining these tolerances that is rarely taken into account, however, is uncertainty arising from varying conditions during the measurement process. ASERCOM addresses this point in a new white paper. This was compiled in collaboration with the US partner AHRI and discusses the uncertainty factors that can occur when determining the performance of refrigerant compressors.

Over 12 pages in total, ASERCOM’s new white paper details five uncertainties in the measurement of performance data for refrigerant compressors. In addition to measurement errors in measuring instruments, it looks at both uncertainties in the reproducibility of tests in different laboratories and in the manufacture of compressors. Moreover, the document also highlights the uncertainties in performance prognosis as well as the difference between nominal and test conditions.

‘In cooperation with AHRI we have compiled this white paper which serves as a reference document for industry, research and policy and which sends out a clear message: when it comes to defining tolerances, the reality of measurement uncertainties must not be ignored,’ explains Claude Blanc, President of ASERCOM.

The white paper can be downloaded in English, German, French and Italian here.