ASERCOM and Russian Delegation Meeting at Chillventa

ASERCOM recently hosted a meeting in Nuremberg, Germany on the 15th of October, 2014.

The participants of the Russian delegation led by Vyacheslav Umanskiy, director of the scientific and research institute RITM, and Igor Sukhomlinov, doctor of engineering and academician at the International Academy of Refrigeration, had taken the opportunity to attend Chillventa 2014 in order to exchange their views with ASERCOM’s President Claude Blanc.

After a quick introduction detailing ASERCOM’s activities and organization, both parties exchanged their mutual support of one another when it comes to the harmonization of standards between the EU and Russia.

Claude Blanc and Vyacheslav Umanskiy agreed to draft an M.O.U. on the objectives and scope of potential collaborations in the future.

The meeting ended at 3:00 pm.


From Second left to right: Sergey Ter-Kasparyants (INTERKHIMKHOLOD), Igor Sukhomlinov (VNIIKHOLODMASH), Claude Blanc (ASERCOM), Vyacheslav Umanskiy (Scientific & Research Institute Kurs), Régis Leportier (ASERCOM)