ASERCOM holds Annual Convention 2016

ASERCOM held its Annual Convention 2016 on January 14th in Brussels. A variety of speakers addressed an audience of over 70 people with presentations on the pressing topics of the industry such as market surveillance, the F-gas regulation and the directives and regulations facing the HVACR sector. To download the presentations given, please refer to the list of links below.

"Outcome of AREP II, Alternative Refrigerant Evaluation Program Part II" by Stephen Yurek

"ASERCOM Scenario Related to F-Gas Regulations and Low GWP Refrigerants" by Regis Leportier

"Frequency Inverters to Save Energy" by John Gibson and Christian Ellwein

"Standards Adopted for New Requirements" by Heinz Juergensen

"ASERCOM Certification of Compressors and Condensing Units" by Julian Pfaffl

"ASERCOM Approach towards Market Surveillance" by Wolfgang Zaremski

"Directives and Regulations affecting HVACR" by Dina Koepke

"ASERCOM Communication and Advocacy Activities" by Thomas Hagenlocher


On the night before the convention, ASERCOM also unveiled its new corporate logo during a celebratory dinner:



A few impressions from the ASERCOM Convention:

Claude Blanc, president of ASERCOM, addresses the audience during his introductory presentation.



Regis Leportier, Technology Committee Chairman, presents the ASERCOM scenario related to the F-gas regulations and low GWP refrigerants.


Over 70 members of the refrigeration industry attended the ASERCOM Annual Convention 2016.


Wolfgang Zaremski, president of the German association VDKF, details his plans for market surveillance.