ASERCOM releases new Statement on its refrigerant scenario

The latest F-gas Regulation is without a doubt the biggest challenge facing our industry right now. In light of this, ASERCOM is proud to announce a new Statement on its refrigerant scenario in compliance with the European F-gas regulation.

The first part of what will be a series of statements is focused on commercial refrigeration, one of the most impacted segments of our industry contributing in CO2 emissions reduction.

ASERCOM’s engineers have evaluated the currently known public test results with newly proposed synthetic refrigerant alternatives and have reached a conclusion: When selecting an alternative refrigerant (either so-called natural or synthetic), all market players should aim for the lowest GWP solution possible.  A variety of trade-offs like flammability and temperature glide are to be considered.

The statement is available in English, German, French and Italian. To download it, please visit