Symposium 2010

ASERCOM + EPEE Symposium Serves as Prelude to Chillventa

A day before the start of the 2010 Chillventa, the International Trade Fair for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps, the well-established ASERCOM + EPEE Symposium was held on the Nuremberg fair grounds. It had been jointly organized by ASERCOM and EPEE for the third time and ran under the headline “Working towards a low-carbon and energy-efficient economic era".

As in previous years, the Symposium not only provided a prelude to the Chillventa, but also put its finger on the pulse of the industry by presenting issues of top relevance.

The first part of the Symposium was dedicated to an update on energy related EU legislations.  Keynote speakers  reported on the latest details of the relevant legal framework, on HVACR related ecodesign lots, F-Gas regulation review and an outlook of the future of HFCs in the EU.

The topic of “energy efficiency as an opportunity for industry and users” was of relevance in part two of the Symposium. Speakers presented ways to promote energy efficiency on national and EU level and economic issues,  such as the energy cost savings as main driver for efficiency measures in buildings accompanied by a practical experience of net zero energy buildings.

Also covered were energy efficient components and systems and relating solutions of the HVACR industry with the focus on intelligent and integrated systems and the critical role of controls to increase energy efficiency.

The discussion and its wide spectrum of covered topics showed the interest of the participants. As it had been the case in previous years, 2010’s Symposium again found broad resonance and a high number of attendants, who all showed a tremendous amount of participation.