Symposium 2016

Reducing Europe’s energy consumption and dependency on imports remains Europe’s greatest challenge. Europe’s 2020 targets call for a 20 percent energy savings target, which has been updated to 27 percent for 2030.

Heating, cooling, and refrigeration play a fundamental role in this domain. Not only because heating and cooling are associated with many different legislative measures, but most importantly because they’ve been identified and projected over the long-term as the EU’s biggest energy sector. Better efficiency in heating and cooling – specifically in buildings – will therefore contribute enormously to achieving Europe’s ambitious overall goals. EU decision-makers have recognized this enormous potential and so have published a new Heating and Cooling Strategy.

The ASERCOM + EPEE Symposium 2016 built on the framework of this new strategy, and shed light on the latest energy-efficiency initiatives in the HVACR sector, the impact of the new F-Gas rules, and the ever-important element of market surveillance.



Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, NCC Ost, Room: St. Petersburg 10.10.2016, 13:00–17:00

Introductions (13:00-13:30):

  • Keynote introduction – Claude Blanc, Andrea Voigt
  • Recognizing the role of the HVACR sector: The EU Commission’s heating and cooling strategy – Eva Hoos, TBC

F-Gas rules and refrigerants: market developments (13:30-14:45):

  • Meeting the ambitions of the F-Gas Regulation: The EPEE Gapometer – Ray Gluckman
  • Proliferation of Refrigerants delays market adaptation – Régis Leportier
  • Working towards a new lower environmental impact – Steve Yurek
  • New training needs in the EU – Marco Buoni

Coffee Break (14:45-15:15)

Energy efficiency: solutions to save energy (15:15-16:15):

  • Ecodesign for smart appliances – Torben Funder
  • Frequency inverters to save energy – John Gibson
  • Energy savings, security, Internet of Things – Christian Ellwein

Market surveillance: enforcement is key for success (16:15-16:30):

  • Legislation without market surveillance is a dead end – Wolfgang Zaremski

What’s next: A vision for the future (16:30-17:00):

  • HVAC&R: a vision for the future – Andrea Voigt
  • Closing remarks – Claude Blanc, Andrea Voigt

More details on the presentations are available on the Chillventa website.

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