Italian refrigeration manufacturers to help increase contractors' qualifications by pushing for EN13313

Assofrigoristi, the Italian contractor association and ASERCOM associated member, held its General Assembly on May 13 in Milan. The main talking point of the day was the prevalent opinion that contractors, while being a key for the technological revolution, remain a scarce commodity, given, for example, the lack of experience with new refrigerants.


After the introduction by Gianluca De Giovanni, President of Assofrigoristi, several prominent figures of the industry took to the stage to give presentations on pressing matters of the times. Among them were Italian environmental association Legambiente, who pledged their support to the HFC phase out and ASERCOM’s own Regis Leportier, who gave an overview of the current situation in European and ASERCOM’s position on reducing refrigerant proliferation to decrease inefficiency, costs and market uncertainties. 


The event, which was hosted at Galdus, an adult education center, was closed by a round table during which Marco Nocivelli (Vice President of ANIMA and CEO of Epta) and Giuseppe Galli (Vice Chairman of ASERCOM and Member of the Board of Directors at Frascold) among the others, discussed the need of increasing the qualification of contractors and the role of manufacturers in this process. Italy, as was the result of the debate during the round table, is running at two different velocities, where refrigeration manufacturers are on the bleeding edge of technology and refrigeration installers are falling below the European average in adopting standards such as EN13313.