Joint ASERCOM, AHRI and CRAA meeting at Chillventa

ASERCOM recently hosted a joint association AHRI-CRAA meeting in Nuremberg, Germany on the 14th of October 2014.

Chillventa 2014 and its many participants provided a good opportunity for this group to once again exchange its views on technical matters.

As a follow up of the last meeting in Beijing, CRAA provided the rest of the group with an update on their efforts regarding a proposal for “Rating Conditions and Performance Tolerances for Positive Displacement CO2 Refrigerant Compressors” as an ISO standard.

The meeting also covered the harmonization of the AHRI Standard 540 including the perspective of including multistage compressors, EE and new efficiency metrics (SI).

All participants agreed to develop all specificities of the AHRI Standard in greater detail during a meeting which should take place prior to the 2015 ASHRAE show.

The meeting finished at 09:00 am in order for the participants to attend the show opening.


From left to right: Bai Junwen (CRAA), Zhang Zhaohui (CRAA), Régis Leportier (ASERCOM), Hermann Renz (ASERCOM), Liu Sharon (CRAA), Claude Blanc (ASERCOM), Li Si (CRAA),  Fan Gaoding (CRAA), Steve Yurek (AHRI), Henry Hwong (AHRI), L. Zelinski (AHRI), Heinz Juergensen (ASERCOM)