New Certification Programme for Condensing Units

A viable response to the EU ecodesign regulation

  • EU member states have undertaken to incrementally reduce annual emissions of greenhouse gases
  • Objectives are being implemented, among other measures, through legislation to ensure the energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of products (e.g. EU Directive 2009/125/EC which regulates the ecodesign of energy-related products)
  • Rough goals established by the directive are to be specified further in forthcoming EU regulations
  • Condensing units will likely have to meet defined performance parameters starting in July 2016, and comply with energy efficiency limit values

Many components, many manufacturers, a few challenges and one solution

A condensing unit contains numerous components which influence the system's energy efficiency. These include, among others, the compressor, the condenser and the fan. There are many manufacturers for each of these components throughout Europe, and these manufacturers measure and calculate the performance parameters of their components with reference to divergent standards. This means that they are not objectively comparable, which makes it difficult for customers (wholesalers, OEMs, contractors) to select optimal components and implement legislative requirements. To counter this heterogeneous landscape, ASERCOM has developed a unique programme for condensing units which will be implemented in 2014. This standardised process will create a pan-European framework under which a wide variety of condensing units available on the market can be objectively compared, thereby laying the foundation for fair competition. The certification programme is currently undergoing beta testing. Pending details will be clarified by the time the EU regulation comes into force.

For a comprehensive overview of the Certification Programme click here to download the official flyer.