Our Mission

It is the aim of ASERCOM to be the platform for dealing with scientific and technical topics and their challenges, promoting standards for performance rating, methods of testing and product safety, focusing on improved environmental protection, serving the refrigeration and air conditioning industry and its customers.

ASERCOM addresses top issues and communicates relevant opinions of its members to the industry, the public, governmental bodies and nongovernmental organizations.


Our Goals

ASERCOM represents the interests of its members’ industry, such as:

  • issuing guidelines and positioning papers linked to the state of the art in environmental protection
  • supporting measures for energy efficiency improvement and leakage reduction in systems
  • handling certification programs for compressor and condensing unit performance
  • elaborating safety regulations and other technical standards
  • promoting worldwide harmonization of component standards and regulations
  • consolidating production and market statistics


International Cooperation

 ASERCOM cooperates with:

  • counterpart organizations, such as: AFCE, AREA, AHRI, CAR, CRAA, EPEE, EUROVENT and others
  • national and international standard authorities